« If I must talk about a achievement, then it must be that of working on the movie project which saw Cameroon’s first ever movie on Netflix » Esaya Daniel Abanda Tezo

Esaya Daniel aux côtés de Akere MUNA
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mars 21, 2023
He defines himself as humble, optimistic, loving and compassionate. Barrister and Solicitor of the Courts of Cameroon and Nigeria, Esaya Daniel Abanda Tezo is an ambitious and visionary lawyer with much interest in Business, Finance and Entertainment Law. He’s the founder and managing partner of Edanate Lawyers, whose practice areas include Corporate law, Commercial law ; Media, Sports and Entertainment law; Technology law; Privacy and data protection; Environmental law; Investment and finance; Regulatory Compliance; Intellectual Property; Real Estate. Interview   Hello Mr. Esaya Daniel. Can you describe your career path?   My career path has been a very straightforward one, knowing from the early stages what I intended to do and delving into doing just that – becoming a lawyer with an interest and focus on the areas of business, finance, tech, Intellectual property, media, sports, entertainment and real estate law, amongst other general practice areas of law. I have been a legal intern as […]
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